Waterproof Marine Flooring Pricing

Choose from three easy methods of pricing which suits you.  Have a really big yacht? Contact us.


$22 sq. ft.
Minimum 40 sq. ft.


Marine flooring, travel time, template, cutting, sewing, seaming and installation.

If your yacht is longer than 40ft. please contact us.

Choose Materials


$36 per Lineal Foot (4′ W x 1′ L)



This product is sold by the lineal foot
(4 square feet)


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$1,023.62 for entire roll
157.48 sq. per roll
(4’W x 39.5’L)


For 3 rolls or more please contact us for pricing.


Choose Materials


If you would like to provide us with measurements for an estimate, our product comes in rolls that are 4ft wide.  If your surface is wider than 4 feet it will need to be seamed.  Measure your width and depth of each section of the boat.  If your deck is 6’ by 4’ – you will require a six foot length of material or 24 sq. ft. (6×4) if your deck is 5’ by 5’ – you will require two 5’ lengths and a seam.

Recommended Areas:

– Fly Bridge & Rear Deck Area
– Cock-Pit & Helm Area
– Cock​-Pit/Helm & Transom
– Bathrooms
– Under Beds for Air Flow
– Interior
– Custom Mats for Entryway
– Custom Boat Mats with boat name

Is your yacht larger than 47 feet?

Have a custom job outside of our packages?


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