Ultra Weave engineered marine carpeting (EMC) was specifically designed for the marine industry and to offer boat lovers a deck covering that’s durable, looks great and is easy to maintain.  Marine Flooring requires no adhesives and very little maintenance. You simply hose it off and every couple months lift it up and hose off the decks. It’s that easy!

No mould
Easy to clean
Soft on the feet
Dampens engine noise
Dries quickly
Rolls up and rolls down in large individual pieces

Uses for Ultra Weave

Cock-pit: Muffles engine noise & makes quieter cruises
Fly bridge: Comfortable & barefoot friendly
Aft Deck: Keep chairs in place
Helm: No more scrubbing decks
Dingy: Non-slip when getting on & off
Engine Room: Easy to knee on while working
Lazarette: Keep gear from moving around

Other Uses:

Non-slip transom
Non-slip stairs
Yacht tenders
Dockside mats/boat mat
Non-slip Shower floor/ non-slip shower shelf’s
Roof top for crab traps – avoid scratching gel-coat & keep traps in place!
Under beds for ventilation
Fly bridge non-slip ledge for boat brushes
Under sun deck cushions – keep water flowing through!

Ultra Weave FAQs

Our PVC flooring is a deck covering that just lays in place! NO Glue! NO Snaps! Once the piece is cut to fit the non-slip backing grips the deck.

The large pores throughout the surface allows air and water to flow right through it while keeping the surface cooler and dry. We recommend the lighter colours if you have very young children with sensitive feet.

A custom 3 piece cut allows the flooring to lift up with the hatch.

Hose off to clean.

You would think so by the deck’s appearance, ultra weave is designed to flush debris. It has large pores throughout the surface for this reason.

Bay Resource Group Inc warranties all of their first quality material to the original purchaser against “wear out” for a period indicated above, providing the material was installed and maintained properly, and used.

As intended and recommended under normal recreational use, “wear-out” is defined as a complete removal of pattern and/or colour from normal traffic and maintenance.  Claims made for colour change or fading are valid for one year and excludes any stains caused by organic or synthetic materials. In the event “wear-out” occurs within the warranty, Bay Resource Group Inc. will repair or supply replacement materials. This warranty gives specific legal rights; you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state and province to province. Bay Resource Group Inc. reserves the right to have a Representative inspect the product before any claim under this warranty is acknowledged.  Warranty claims must be made within 90 days of detection and be accompanied with the original proof of purchase.

Choose from a variety of colours:

How to Measure:

If you would like to provide us with measurements for an estimate, our product comes in rolls that are 4ft wide. If your surface is wider than 4 feet it will need to be seamed. Measure your width and depth of each section of the boat. If your deck is 6’ by 4’ – you will require a six foot length of material or 24 sq ft (6×4) if your deck is 5’ by 5’ – you will require two 5’ lengths and a seam.

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